The Top Bird Names of 2020

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2020 has brought a litany of things to think about – and no doubt, bird names are right up there. With 20.3 million pet birds globally, from parrots to macaws, we’re talking a serious number of options for your next winged pet. Let’s take a look at some of the top bird names of 2020 to get your creative juices flowing…

Top 10 male bird names:

  1. Jack or Jackson – For obvious reasons.
  2. Blue – You’re my boy blue!
  3. Rocky – For the bird with personality.
  4. Jett – For the boy who loves to fly.
  5. Rio – Full of colour?
  6. Charlie – A solid name, for the best boy.
  7. Sterling – great for an African grey parrot.
  8. Shadow – For the quiet brooding type.
  9. Griffin – A mythical creature.
  10. Pilot – For the professional flyer.

Top 10 female bird names:

  1. Goldie – For the golden child.
  2. Cleo – For the queen of the birdcage.
  3. Coco – When she is sweet as pie.
  4. Birdie – For obvious reasons…
  5. Ava -Short but sweet.
  6. Luna – When she is a bit of a night owl.
  7. Skye – If she loves to spread her wings.
  8. Sunny – Full of life and makes you smile?
  9. Zoe – Stong and full of personality.
  10. Bella – For the most beautiful bird on the block.

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