The Top Names for Pet Horses in 2020

The Top Names for Pet Horses in 2020

There are 58 million pet horses globally. That is a lot of trotting carrot lovers. So, across the globe, what are some of our favourite names?

See what’s in the top 10 for horses in 2020 and get inspired name that suits your pet!

Top 10 male horse names

  1. Twitch – For an active horse.
  2. Winston – For the most regal family member.
  3. Lucky – For the best boy.
  4. Dash– Cute name for a speedy horse.
  5. Trigger – When he’s all about speed.
  6. Bailey – After our favourite nightcap.
  7. Biscuit – For our favourite little snack fiend.
  8. Milo – Also in the top 10 for cat names. Meow!
  9. Peanut – We’re starting to see a theme here…
  10. Muffin – Seems everyone is food-obsessed… same.

Top 10 female horse names

  1. Willow – When she is full of class and grace.
  2. Elsa– After our favourite Frozen character. (also in our most popular rabbit names!)
  3. Poppy– Perfect for the pet who loves to munch on flowers.
  4. Sophie– This is a popular name that is good for any female pet.
  5. Dawn– The perfect name for the perfectly coloured horse.
  6. Daisy – When she is sweet and kind.
  7. Lilly – Simple yet beautiful.
  8. Lady Bird – Surprisingly popular but absolutely adorable.
  9. Big Mama – When she’s a force to be reckoned with.
  10. Peanut – When she is fun and a little nutty.
  11. Misty – The loyal calm type.

If you’re not sure what kind of pet you want yet, here’s our comprehensive guide to choosing the right pet for you.

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