The Top 20 Names for Pet Rabbits in 2020

The Top 20 Names for Pet Rabbits in 2020

There are 14 million pet bunnies globally. That’s a lot of button noses and floppy ears. If you’re also looking to board the bunny bandwagon, and you want a few name ideas, here are some crowd favourites across the globe.:

Top 10 male rabbit names

  1. Blur– Perfect for a rabbit with speed.
  2. Br’er Rabbit– named after the classic tricky rabbit.
  3. Buck– For your rabbit’s buckteeth.
  4. Bug-Eye– For rabbits with big eyes, we guess?
  5. Bugs– Not overly original, but still very cute.
  6. Chippy– Short for “chipmunk”.
  7. Cottontail– The perfect literary choice.
  8. Darth Vader– For the darker coloured rabbits?
  9. Dash– Another cute name for a speedy rabbit.
  10. Emperor– For the boss of the house.
  11. Lola – also in the top 10 for dog names. Woof!

Top 10 female rabbit names

  1. Alice– From our forever favourite Wonderland stories.
  2. Elsa– After our favourite Frozen character.
  3. Athena– Goddess names are great for female pets.
  4. Bella– This is a popular name that is good for any female pet.
  5. Buttercream– You could go with something adorable and perhaps reminiscent of your rabbit’s colouring.
  6. Butterscotch– Anyone else getting hungry?
  7. Cinderella– Why not choose a classical princess name for your rabbit?
  8. Cookie– Yummmmm.
  9. Cutie– Choose this one if your rabbit is adorable.
  10. Dancer– A good choice for rabbits that are full of life.
  11. Dawn– The perfect name for the perfectly coloured rabbit.

Did our list of the top 20 names for pet rabbits in 2020 make you want a pet bunny? If you don’t find The One at your local pet store, you can always adopt one from RSPCA.

If you’re not sure what kind of pet you want yet, here’s our comprehensive guide to choosing the right pet for you.

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