7 Tips to Keeping Your Dog Entertained and Active Indoors

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With the Coronavirus changing the way we live, everyone is needing to find new ways to entertain and exercise their furry friends.

We’ve come up with a list of tried and tested activities to not only wear your pet out, but help develop their skills and sneak in a little bonding.

Teach old dogs new tricks

Teaching your dog new skills boosts their confidence, and is a great way to give them more mental stimulation. For instance, we have decided it is about time our pups started cleaning up after themselves. You heard us, no more prince pup.

If your dog already knows “drop it” have them pick up a toy and give them their drop it commands once they’re standing over the container. Praise them like crazy, then rinse and repeat. Eventually, with consistency, you’ll have a dog that will be able to clean up after herself/himself.

Stuff it!

Stuffing toys with frozen treats is a deliciously entertaining game. You can freeze some peanut butter or broth, or just put some treats in there and give your dog something to work for.

Play tug-of-war

Short on space? No worries! Grab a rope or durable toy and get tugging. When playing tug, it is important that you keep your pups aggression under control. Tug is a great way to exercise your dog as long as you have your dog follow a few basic rules such as “no growling” and “the game stops if your teeth touch my hand.”

Play fetch

Living on the fifth floor with a Bernese? Well, we have a game for you! Choose a long hallway or stairs to maximise the exercise. If you don’t have a lot of room, try a simple game of catch.

Organise a puppy playdate

So far, there is no evidence to suggest that dogs are carrying or spreading the Coronavirus, so why not invite your pups best friend over for the afternoon. The pups can play and wear each other out, before returning home for a good night’s sleep.

Brain games and puzzles

There are a huge amount of puzzles and games out there, especially for dogs. From simple treat-dispensing toys that require interaction by your pup, to elaborate puzzle games that force your dog to problem-solve.

Remember to start off with simple puzzles and let your dog master those before stepping up to the more difficult, advanced puzzles – you don’t want your dog to get frustrated and lose interest!

Hide and seek

Training your pup to play hide and seek will provide hours of entertainment. With your dog watching you, toss a few small dog treats onto the floor. Just as your dog runs to eat them, say “go find it!” After a few tosses, start placing the treats inside boxes, in corners, or on low shelves (nothing above your dog’s nose level) and always use the “go find it” cue when he goes to get them.

Once your doggo has this covered, try putting your dog in another room while you hide the treats. Eventually, his nose will take over and lead him around the room to find the hidden treats on his own.

Have other ideas beyond our 7 tips to keeping your dog entertained and active indoors? Share them with us on social media!

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