8 Fangtastic Halloween Pet Costumes

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Get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up your furry friend in one of these spooky Halloween pet costumes.

The spooky season is well underway, but if you haven’t gotten your Halloween pet costumes sorted yet – don’t panic! The good news is that there’s still time and we’ve got the ultimate list of quirky, terrifying, and hilarious dog costumes for your pet to wear this Halloween. 

From terrifying IT recreations to unbeatable matching costumes for you and your pet, these fab-oo-lous Halloween pet costume ideas will have your pet standing out from the rest!  Cure your Halloween costume block by checking out our ideas below.

#1 A Majestic Unicorn to Show Off Your Pet’s Sparkle

Dachshund wearing a unicorn costume

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Unleash your dog’s inner sparkle by dressing them in this adorable unicorn costume from the Party People. The light-up collar with pink LED lights and unicorn headpiece will help you keep track of your dog in large crowds. If your pup isn’t fond of being dressed up, the Halloween unicorn headpiece from PetBarn is a more comfortable alternative and comes in extra small, small, medium, and large!

#2 The Ultimate Pest Control Duo

Matching Dog and Human Halloween Costumes

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Spiders may be scary, but your dog in a spider costume isn’t! The pet spider costume from Spotlight is bound to suck bystanders into your pet’s web of cuteness – creating the ultimate trap for extra treats and pats (evil, right?). 

Match your pet by wearing a bug control costume from Costume Box. This costume pairing makes for a great photo and will help you take the crown for the best human and pet Halloween costume!

#3 Get the IT Look With This Eerie Costume

There’s no doubt that the sewer scene in Stephen King’s IT is one of the most blood-curdling scenes in the movie, so this IT-themed costume will give a similar chilling effect. You’ll need a yellow raincoat for your pet to recreate this look. Add a red balloon, and voila, you’re done! 

Level up your costume game with the Pennywise costume from Spotlight. The mask and shirt are included, so you won’t need to worry about painting your face. Careful, you may spook yourself out with how accurate this looks!

#4 Be Squad Ghouls With These Un-bear-ably Cute Costumes

Dogs dressed up in different costumes

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If scary pet costumes aren’t your thing, try dressing your dog up by their personality instead. 

The Teddy Dog Costume from Petbarn is made for pups who are cuddle monsters. Not only does this costume give the illusion of a bear, but its soft fur will have you petting your dog all day long. Plus, it’s suitable for both cats and dogs. 

Does your pup love to snuggle up with you on the couch while watching sports? If yes, then dress your dog up in your favourite football jersey from Pet Circle and show off your team spirit! 

Recreate The Little Mermaid’s ‘under the sea’ scene with this adorable octopus costume from Alli Express. Grab the Halloween Lobster piece from PetBarn for your other fur kid for the ultimate ‘under the sea’ squad. 

#5 Become a Parisian Pup For a Day

French-inspired costume

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Transform your dog into a Parisian fashionista this Halloween! All you’ll need is a mini beret, and you’ll be saying Cest La Vie in no time! Join your dog in fun by dressing up as a Mime Artist. Together, you’ll be the French duo that everyone louvres.

#6 Transform Into Count Dog-ula & His Side-Kick Renfield

Matching Halloween outfits

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It wouldn’t be Halloween without dressing your pet in a fang-tastic vampire costume. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Count Dracula has a sidekick named Reinfield, so this costume idea is perfect for two pets. For the ultimate look, grab your vampire and pumpkin costume from LightIntheBox. Renfield was known for being a little odd and frantically devoted to Dracula, so if one of your youngest pups worships their older sibling, then they’ll truly capture the on-screen duo’s energy. 

#7 A Lion Costume For a Roar-some Halloween

Lion costume for Halloween

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Let your pup be the king with this Lion Jumpsuit from Doggytopia. Made from faux fur, this costume comes with a lion mane hood and a cute tail for scaring the evil ghosts away. Opt for the Lion Mane Dog Costume from Doggytopia if you have a larger dog. If you have more than one pet, both of these costumes would be ideal for recreating Simba and Mufassa from the Lion King.

#8 Turn Your Snack Thief Into a Cookie Monster

Dog dressed as Cookie Monster for Halloween

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 If your dog is known for being a snack thief, they’ll rock the Cookie Monster costume. 

With a bodysuit and hood included, this costume will have your pet looking like they’ve just come out of Sesame Street. Warning: it may be difficult to ignore your dog’s request for more treats with this costume! 

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