From Shelter to Home: Here’s Where You Can Adopt a Dog in Melbourne

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If you’re ready for a new furry family member, take a look at these pet rescue shelters to adopt a dog in Melbourne and provide them with loving homes.

If you’re ready for a new furry family member, why don’t you consider adopting a dog? Melbourne is home to a community of animal shelters, rescue organisations, and animal lovers who work hard to provide second chances for pups in need.

Embrace the opportunity to make a real difference by providing a forever home to these dogs who are in need of love. Here’s a list of Melbourne animal shelters and rescue organisations to get you started on this exciting journey.


Image Credits: @RSPCA

If you’re ready to bring home a new pet companion, RSPCA Victoria’s adoption process is designed to match you with the right pet that fits your lifestyle.

Since 1871, RSPCA has been a superhero organisation battling animal cruelty. They shelter and care for 14,000+ animals annually, rehabilitating them and finding them loving homes. And to continue their lifesaving work, RSPCA relies on the invaluable support of compassionate individuals, who can contribute through donations, volunteering, and advocacy efforts.

You can check their online database or visit their adoption centre for a firsthand view of available pets. Adoption fees range from $45 to $1,200, covering a range of animals, from livestock, and ponies, to kittens and puppies.

Save a Dog Scheme

Image Credits: @saveadogscheme

Save-A-Dog Scheme (SADS) is a compassionate, non-profit organisation dedicated to saving dogs and cats from euthanasia. Founded in 1985, they provide veterinary care and shelter, ensuring every animal lives a full and natural lifespan. SADS’ no-kill philosophy offers a humane alternative to pounds and shelters. 

To adopt a dog in Melbourne, you can fill out an adoption form and schedule a meeting by appointment. Adoption fees vary from $95 to $300 for cats and $450 to $500 for dogs, with the possibility of adjustments for special circumstances or multiple adoptions.

Every animal is thoroughly cared for, including desexing, vaccinations, worming, microchipping, vet checks, and temperament assessments before adoption.

The Lost Dogs Home

Image Credits: @lostdogshome

The Lost Dogs’ Home is a long-standing animal shelter in Australia that’s been operating for over 110 years. As one of the country’s largest shelters, their main goal is to reunite lost pets with their families and find homes for other animals in need.

While they are currently not accepting online applications, you can still explore their website to see available pets. Or pop by their facility, where their adoption team will help you find the perfect match. 

Adoption fees range from $50 to $800, contributing to essential services like desexing, vaccinations, microchipping, flea treatment, and worming.

Prior to being placed with a new family, every animal goes through a thorough evaluation of their health and temperament. Qualified veterinarians and the shelter’s behavioural department conduct this assessment for each animal available for adoption.

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Image Credits: @second.chance.animal.rescue

Another great place to adopt a dog in Melbourne is with Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR), a leading pro-life shelter and foster care network dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating cats and dogs in dire circumstances.

With a heartfelt mission to save lives, SCAR believes every homeless animal deserves a second chance to thrive. SCAR places animals in loving foster care homes for better assessment before matching them to their forever homes. 

SCAR offers comprehensive services to ensure the well-being of animals in their care. These services include veterinary care, grooming, and various procedures such as vet checks, desexing, microchipping, as well as vaccinations.

For those interested in adoption, the process involves completing an application and attending an interview. Then, a meet and greet will be arranged where you’ll find your ideal lifelong companion.

Lort Smith Adoption Centre

Image Credits: @lortsmith

The Lort Smith Adoption Center operates as an extension of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and is guided by the unwavering principle of never giving up on an animal. As a nonprofit organisation, Lort Smith Adoption Center relies solely on the kind-heartedness of public donations.

Their primary mission is centred around rehoming animals and offering expert healthcare and well-being services to all animals, regardless of their owner’s financial situation. 

If you’re considering adopting, the fees range from $65 to $225 from guinea pigs to dogs. These cover essential services such as desexing, vaccination, microchipping, and more.

The entire adoption process may take up to 90 minutes, allowing ample time for you to bond with your prospective pet. It also includes an interview with an animal welfare officer. If you have existing pets, you can introduce them beforehand to ensure compatibility. 

Not in the position to add another member to your family? Don’t worry; there are plenty of other ways you can help animals in need.

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