Join Halo’s Movement to Give Back to Australian Charities

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Halo is a micro-donation platform that seamlessly delivers funds to Australian charities.

In a post-pandemic world, one would assume that Australians have pulled back on making charitable contributions, but that’s not the case! In 2022, The Charities Aid Foundation ranked Australia as the eighth highest on the World Giving Index, which consists of more than 140 countries. While this statistic is promising, a third of Australian charities are still classified as very small and have an annual revenue of less than $50,000

So what if there was a way to connect those generous Aussies with charities, particularly those with few resources? 

We’re stoked to announce the launch of Halo – a unique platform that’s here to support Australian Charities and Not-for-profits (NFPs) raise funds for their cause.  Halo’s technology enables charities to easily share their fundraisers on Halo and receive donations from those ready to give. 

Halo works exclusively with registered Australian charities and NFPs, big and small, to improve the lives of people and animals in need. Read on to discover more about Halo, which animal charities Halo works with and how you can help. 

What is Halo?

Thanks to Halo’s innovative technology, Australian charities can effortlessly showcase their fundraisers on the Halo app and receive donations from those ready to give. This ultimately reduces the time and resources these organisations dedicate to admin and marketing tasks. 

From as little as $1, Australians can donate to their chosen cause and make a world of difference. The funds are then transferred to the Charity Partner to help those in need.

Halo’s Origins 

Baxta’s Founder, Chris Russell, has dedicated countless hours of his time volunteering and raising funds for numerous Australian charities. With over 25 years of experience as the co-founder and co-director of the Global EMPR Group, Chris led various fundraising initiatives, raising an impressive  $270,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation before retiring in 2021. 

It was while volunteering with an NFP that the idea for Halo was born. Witnessing the various struggles the volunteers faced, Chris believed that a mobile app could help alleviate the pressure of admin and fundraising costs for Australian charities and NFPs.

EMPR raises funds for Australian charity – The Starlight Foundation
Source: ARN Net

EMPR Raises $89,112 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation at City2Surf

How is Halo different from other crowdfunding platforms?

Halo prides itself on being transparent with its donors. From the moment you click ‘Donate’, you’ll receive a percentage breakdown showing you exactly how much of your donation goes to the charity, Halo and the fundraiser itself. Since Halo is an app, its admin fees are much lower compared to other charities, so a larger percentage of your donation can go to those who need it. 

You can also keep up to date on the progress of your donation and the impact it’s had via Halo’s socials and blog section of their website.

Who does Halo help?

As the proud dad of Daisy, a Frug, and a lover of all animals, it was important to Chris that Halo makes a meaningful impact on both people and vulnerable animals. 

Halo is proud to be partnered with Australian animal charities such as Pets in the Park, Aussie Ark and Animal Trust Society. 

Pets in the Park

Pets in the Park is an Australian animal charity helping homeless people with pets
Source: Pets in the Park

Pets in the Park is a national Australian animal charity that provides free preventative health care programs for companion pets of individuals experiencing homelessness. The charity is run entirely by volunteers, without reliance on government funding. 

You can support the vital work Pets in the Park does by donating to their Pets in the Park Darlinghurst Animal Appeal. These funds will go towards the purchase of veterinary and pharmacy supplies.

Aussie Ark 

Aussie Ark is an Australian animal charity that protects Australia's endangered wildlife
Source: Aussie Ark

In 2011, Aussie Ark was originally established as ‘Devil Ark’ with a focus on saving the iconic Tasmanian Devil from extinction. However, since then, the organisation has evolved to be dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for threatened Australian species. The Tasmanian devil, Eastern quoll, long-nosed potoroo and the bush-tailed rock wallaby are some of the species Aussie Ark is presently working to protect.

Want to support Aussie Ark’s mission? Donate to their 1597 Threatened Species on the Halo app! All proceeds will go towards conserving Australia’s unique flora and fauna.

Animal Trust Society

Two kittens in the care of the Animal Trust Society – an Australian animal charity
Source: @animaltrustsociety

Run entirely from private donations, The Animal Trust Society (ATS) is an Australian animal charity that rescues and rehabilitates all kinds of animals. When animals are placed into their care, ATS provides them with physical, behavioural, or emotional support and training. As part of their rehoming philosophy, they’re committed to achieving zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals.

ATS currently has two paw-fect kittens in their care that are in need of a desexing. Your contribution will help prevent unwanted pregnancy, reduce the risk of disease and reproductive-related illness. 

Make a difference today with the Halo app – available on both iOS and Android.