50 Bun-believably Cute Rabbit Names

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Naming your bunny has never been easier with our hand-picked list of the best rabbit names. 

One of the hardest things about becoming a pet parent is coming up with a name for your new furry friend. Naming your pet rabbit can be a fun process, but it can also be overwhelming with so many options out there. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best rabbit names to make the process easier for you! Whether you’re looking for a cute and playful name for your baby bun or a refined name, we’ve got you covered. 

Female & Male Rabbit Names

  1. Dash – For a speedy rabbit (also on our top guinea pigs name list!)
  2. Lola – A strong and feminine rabbit 
  3. Daisy – Captures the joy and cheerfulness a bunny can bring 
  4. Olie – A symbol of peace 
  5. Carlos – Perfect for a strong male bunny 
  6. Bella – Translates to ‘beautiful’
  7. Theo – Stems from the Greek word ‘Theos’, meaning ‘a gift from god’
  8. Roxy Persian in origin, this name signifies the beginning of new adventures
  9. Leo – For the star sign enthusiast 
  10. Athena – After the Greek goddess

Food-related Rabbit Names

  1. Oreo – A chocolate biscuit with a white cream filling – best name for black and white coloured buns
  2. Peaches – To resemble your pet’s cute tush 
  3. Butterscotch – A sweet name for an even sweeter rabbit 
  4. Maple – Sugary goodness that’s guaranteed to cheer you up 
  5. Pickles – For the pickle enthusiast 
  6. Marshmallow – Soft n’ squishy – you get the picture 
  7. Taco – So you never have to think about a Halloween costume 
  8. Carrots – No explanation needed 
  9. Cinnibun – Derived from the word Cinnabon which is an American Cinnamon Scroll company
  10. Nesquick – A brand of food products with a rabbit mascot

Colour-related Rabbit Names

  1. Noir – Means ‘Black’ in French – suitable for dark-coloured bunnies 
  2. Snowflake – To match your rabbit’s remarkably white coat 
  3. Amber – A gemstone with a golden-orange hue 
  4. Tuxedo –  A no-brainer for rabbits with black and white fur
  5. Shadow – A greyish-black colour
  6. Blackjack – A tribute to your favourite card game 
  7. Yin & Yang – Paw-fect for pet parents with one black and one white bun 
  8. Mars – For buns with orange and red fur 
  9. Cashmere – Rare, popular and brown-grey – just like your bun 
  10. Ruby – For rabbits with those captivating red eyes

Pop-Culture Rabbit Names

  1. Bugs Bunny – An iconic Looney Tunes character Peter Rabbit – A classic tale about a pet rabbit named Peter 
  2.  Benjamin Bunny – Peter Rabbit’s cousin 
  3. Elvis – If your bun’s got moves like the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll 
  4. Cosmo & Wanda –  From the Fairly Odd-Parents children’s cartoon (paw-fect for two mischievous buns)  
  5. Furgie – “Fur-galicious make them rabbits go loco” 
  6. Marylin Bunroe – After the famous American actress, model and singer Marylin Monroe
  7. Chewbacca – The legendary Wookiee Warrior from Star Wars 
  8. Bucky – Captain America’s on-and-off again side-kick 
  9. Vader – For the black-haired rabbits that command a room

Rabbit-themed Names

  1. Floppy – For the buns with big droopy ears 
  2. Sir-Hops-Alot – A rabbits favourite activity 
  3. Cottontail – Represents your bunny’s fluffy little tail 
  4. Nibbles – Rabbits will nibble on their owners as a way of showing affection 
  5. Twitch – Fitting, as bunnies will constantly twitch their little noses and ears
  6. Stompy – When a rabbit feels annoyed, it will thump its hind legs
  7. Whiskers Resembles your bunny’s long, wispy whiskers 
  8. Chompy – For the avid chewer 
  9. Fuzzy – Suitable for every rabbit 
  10. Binky Describes the happy jump that bunnies do when they’re overjoyed

Now that you’ve locked in a name for your bun, it’s time to decide which rabbit breeds in Australia are best suited to you.