Purr-fectly Safe, Cat-Friendly Indoor Plants To Spice Up Your Home

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Are you a plant enthusiast who is also a parent to a feline friend? It’s no secret that cats can get into trouble with their curious nature, especially when it comes to plants. Lucky for you, there are plenty of cat-friendly indoor plants that will help brighten up your home whilst also keeping your fur baby out of harm’s way. Read on to explore some of the best cat-friendly indoor plant boutiques where your flora and fauna can coexist in harmony!

Plants in a Box

Two cats in a caravan sitting next to two cat-friendly indoor plants

Plants in a Box conveniently ships all orders straight to your doorstep (QLD, NSW, ACT, SA and VIC) so you can upgrade your home without stepping outside the front door. You’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide range of outdoor and indoor pet-friendly plants.

Not sure where to start? You can grab one of their assorted boxes of pet-friendly plants or cat-friendly indoor plants to start your newfound plant obsession. 

Their website clearly labels which plants are pet-friendly, so you’ll have no trouble browsing through and selecting the ones that catch your eye. And, if you need to upgrade your pet’s water or food bowl, you can grab one of their minimalistic single or double bowls.

Monrose Indoor Plants

Puppy smiling inside a cat-friendly indoor plants boutique

Monrose Indoor Plants is one of Melbourne’s best pet-friendly indoor plant boutiques! Most of their plant varieties are pet-friendly, and the ones that aren’t are clearly labelled, so you’ll know exactly which ones your furry friend will approve. 

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your home, the Calathea Roseopicta might be the purr-fect choice for you. With gorgeous pink-centred leaves with a deep, dark green border, it’s known to be one of the most striking Calatheas you can get your hands on. New to the plant world? Opt for the Peperomia Obtusiofolio Lemon Lime, a low-maintenance plant that prefers warmer temperatures and bright indirect sunlight. 

Or head into the boutique to chat with the friendly team and see which plant is best suited for your lifestyle. Don’t forget to grab a couple of treats and goodies for your furry friend while you’re there! 

Address: 419 Melbourne Road, Newport, VIC 3015

The Jungle Collective

Kitten pawing at a leaf from a cat-friendly indoor plant

The Jungle Collective started off in Abbotsford as a warehouse plant sale that sold out in less than 2 hours! It wasn’t long before they expanded to Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra, with their sales drawing in hundreds of customers. 

When Covid hit, The Jungle Collective went online and now offers both in-store and online shopping options for customers’ convenience (how good)! And yes, of course, there are plenty of cat-friendly indoor plant options for you to browse from. With succulents, ferns, Venus flytraps, orchids and more, you’ll be able to create the indoor jungle you’ve always dreamed of.

Cheeky Plant Co


If Cheeky Plant Co’s motto, “life’s a lot cheekier with plants”, rings true for you, you’re probably always on the hunt for a new addition to your collection. You don’t have to let your pets get in the way of your plant obsessions; with Cheeky Plant Co’s selection of dog and cat-friendly indoor plants, you’ll have plenty of luscious options to choose from.

They even have gifting options for pet parents – choose from their ‘Dog Lovers Plant Gift Hamper’ that includes a cute dog plush toy (you can choose to keep it or gift it to your pup) or the ‘Crazy Cat Lady Plant Gift Hamper’ that comes with a cute cat planter and mug!

The Good Plant Co


New to the plant world or don’t know what to add to your collection? Take the Good Plant Co’s quiz to find the paw-fect indoor plant for you and your pet! Their handy blog suggests alternative plant options to popular plants that are pet-friendly and won’t upset your furry friend’s stomach. Opt for a Bamboo Parlor Palm for a big, leafy centrepiece or a Raindrop Peperomia for a smaller alternative.

Plant Daddy


Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate on the green thumb scale, Plant Daddy is a great option to find dog and cat-friendly indoor plants for Sydneysiders. From outdoor hanging plants to mini succulents and larger palms for indoors, just say the word, and you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you need help with styling your home or office, Plant Daddy can also help greenify your space to suit your mood board.

Address: 90 Lennox Street, Newtown, NSW 2042



Not only does Stackwood have a range of pet-friendly plants, but their pots and planters are also to die for! You can go for a classic vibe with one of their stoneware pots, boho with handwoven baskets or eclectic with a two-toned planter.

There are even dog toys for chew monsters, organic cotton leashes, pet beds and more if you’re needing to upgrade some of your pet’s home items. And, if you want a quick bite to eat, you can head to their cafe for some deliciously fresh, locally sourced dishes. 

Address: 10 Stack Street, Fremantle, WA 6160

After a successful shop, stop by one of these dog-friendly pubs and bars in Perth and celebrate your new green purchase!