10 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Brisbane

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Pack your sunscreen and whip out your best swimsuit – summer is calling, and it’s time to hit up some dog-friendly beaches in Brisbane!

Brisbane is undoubtedly known for its stunning beaches and perfect weather. And if it couldn’t get any better, it’s packed with loads of 24 hour dog-friendly beaches for you to spend the rest of your summer days.

Before you unclip your pup’s leash, make sure you look around for the council signs, as it will save you a fine. Remember to practice dog etiquette – bring doggy bags and clean up after your dog! While dogs love the feeling of the warm sun on their fur, they can overheat too. So, make sure you practice sun safety and stick to shaded areas on super hot days! Last but not least, bring plenty of water, snacks and treats to keep you both fuelled up.  

Now that’s over with; it’s time to take a look at the top 10 dog-friendly beaches in Brisbane that you can explore all summer long with your dog!

1. Woorim Beach – South

Got a water-loving pooch? Woorim off-leash dog beach is one of the best off-leash dog beaches in Brisbane. Woorim Beach is situated amongst the Moreton Bay region and has a bridge connecting it to the mainland – making it the closest surf beach for Brisbane residents on the eastern shore. 

With kilometres of sand to dig their paws into, this off-leash dog beach in Brisbane will keep your dog occupied all afternoon. Teach your pup how to swim for the first time amongst the calm and flat waves or open a bottle of cold juice and relax in the shady spots. Hate driving home with a sandy pup? Well, there’s a washing facility at the beach’s entrance that saves you the trouble. Woorim Beach gets crowded on hot weekends, so it’s best to visit during off-peak times if your pup doesn’t do well with large crowds. Bring your binoculars, as dolphins have been spotted by visitors at this beach before!

The off-leash area can be accessed directly from 19 Lowry Street, Woorim or Buckley’s Hole Conservation Park. Considering the size of the beach, check the signs of where your dog is and isn’t allowed before venturing off

Dog-friendly beaches map

Address: 19 at Lowry Street, Woorim QLD 4507

Off-leash hours: 

24 hrs off-leash at designated off-leash sections 

2. Red Beach, Bribie Island

Sunset at off-leash dog beach in Brisbane

Sunset enthusiasts will love watching the vibrant colours set over the water of Bribie Island. Red Beach is located between Woorim Beach and Bongaree (a suburb of Bribie Island) and is a highly-rated off-leash dog beach in Brisbane. This eight-kilometre beach usually has calm waves, ideal for parents and pups to enjoy a splash in the water. Pop down in the early morning with your dog, and you may spot a dolphin! If your pup loves to bird watch, they’re bound to be enthralled by the array of birds and wildlife at Red Beach. 

Dogs are allowed on-leash on the foreshore between Red Beach access of Tully Street and Bongaree. Look out for council signage, which indicates the end of the on-leash area and the beginning of the off-leash section. Unfortunately, there are no amenities here, so make sure you have doggy bags on hand! 

Address: Red Beach, Bongaree QLD 357

Off-leash hours:

Off-leash 24 hours

3. Raby Bay Foreshore Park

Dog exploring one of the beaches in Brisbane

Fetch your dose of vitamin sea at Raby Bay Foreshore Park. Located 45 minutes from Brisbane CBD, Raby Bay is both a dog-friendly off-leash beach In Brisbane and park. Adventure out here on a sunny day, and your dog can enjoy endless calm waves. Or, if you’re looking to stay dry, rent one of the kayaks and cruise around the water with your pup! 

It wouldn’t be a classic Aussie summer without hosting a barbeque near the beach. Luckily, Raby Bay Foreshore Park has public barbeques for you to use and grassy picnic areas for some family fun in the sun. Shady trees are limited, so make sure you lather on the SPF! Forgot your pup’s water bowl? Don’t fret, you can rehydrate your dog with one of the water bowls provided. There are also doggy bins onsite to dispose of your pup’s waste. 

Did those water activities work up an appetite? The Local Raby Bay is a dog-friendly cafe and restaurant bar that’s only a short walk from the beach. Cool off with a cocktail and fill up on some delicious tapas with your furry friend right by your side. 

Address: Masthead Dr, Cleveland QLD 4163

Off-leash hours: 

Off-leash 24 hours 

4. Queens Beach North

Dog enjoying one of the beaches in Brisbane

Queens Beach North is regarded as one of the best-hidden dog-friendly beaches in Brisbane. The quiet, clean and natural beach has everything you’ll need for a great day out. The beach can get rocky around low tide, so keep an eye on your dog. 

Queens Beach North is one of the three beaches in Brisbane that share the ‘Queens Beach’ name. However, what sets Queens North apart is its facilities, parking and, of course, off-leash areas! Swimming isn’t the only activity you can do here as there are accessible barbeque facilities. You and your pup can head to a sheltered picnic table if the hot sand gets too much.

Plenty of furbabies are known to visit this beach, so your pup is bound to make some new friends on the day. Dogs are allowed off-leash on Queens Beach to the north of the stairs near Griffith Road, but on the southern half, they must remain on-leash – to spot the difference, look for the group of dogs at the beach! 

Note:  Dogs must be on-leash when in grassed areas, footpaths, car parks and beach areas south of the steps.

Map of off-leash dog beach in Brisbane

Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council 

Address: Scarborough, QLD, 79 Flinders Parade 

Off-leash hours:

Off-leash 24 hours 

5. Sandgate-Brighton Foreshore

Two dogs playing at one of the beaches in Birsbane

Sandgate-Brighton Foreshore is a popular off-leash dog beach in Brisbane and contains a section of mudflats. Your dog will have a field day rolling around the sand while feeling the cooling sensation on their fur. Whether you’re there to swim or make friends with other puppy parents, this dog beach will surely tire out your athletic pup. The tide extends far out, so there is plenty of room to run, jump and play a game of fetch. 

Only some parts of the beach are off-leash, with the off-leash dog section starting near the corner of Flinders Parade and Second Avenue. You’ll find the off-leash signs on the right side of the foreshore. 

Address: Sandgate QLD 4017 

Off-leash hours:

Off-leash 24 hours 

6. Ninjas Dog Beach Strip

Despite being on-leash only (in the water and off), Ninjas Dog Beach Strip is a stunning hidden dog-friendly beach in Coolum that you must explore with your pup. Ninjas Dog Beach is only a 30-minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD. 

Enjoy a leashed swim with your dog during high tide or get swept away by the ocean breeze as you take a walk on the sand during low tide. Whether you’re there to relax under your umbrella or throw a frisbee with your dog, you’ll have plenty of room to do so here. Unlike other beaches in Brisbane Ninjas Dog Beach has public toilets for you to use and a strip of shops and cafes right across the road. Order takeaway fish and chips and tuck into your meal while sitting on a shaded bench. 

Address: 32 Hornibrook Esplanade, Clontarf QLD 4019

7. Manly Foreshore Dog Beach

Shore at an off-leash dog beach in Brisbane

Manly Beach is a small dog-friendly beach that’s best visited during low tide. It’s clear from houses and main roads, making it a blissful haven for dogs. If fishing is one of your hobbies, then this is a perfect spot to take your pup, as Manly Foreshore is an extremely popular fishing spot, especially for those who are just learning the ropes. 

Manly Beach is located close to Manly Boat Harbour. However, the off-leash section is a bit tricky to find. Dogs are welcome to splash in the waters at the end of Davenport Drive in Manly, between the southern rock wall, northern rock walk and boundary fence. When you’ve found the sign in the shape of a dog, you’ll know you’re in the right place! Tip: when venturing out here, add ‘Inspiration Point’ to your GPS, which will take you straight to the off-leash section. 

Address: Inspiration Point, Manly QLD 4179 

Off-leash hours: 

Off-leash 24 hours 

8. GJ Walter Park, Cleveland

3 dogs playing at an off-leash dog beach in Brisbane

Moreton Bay, GJ Walter Park is comprised of a dog park and a dog-friendly beach. As you make your way along the dog-friendly beach, you’ll find the start of an off-leash dog park that has koalas inhabiting its trees. Pack a picnic rug and kick back with the whole family at one of the picnic tables. There’s even a playground set up amongst the sand for children to play! Drinking taps are available so you can easily fill up your dog’s water bottle. 

A fence runs along the dog park’s boundary, so you’ll have to make your way between the mangroves to get to the beach. Check the tide times before you visit, as your pup will have the best swimming experience during high tide. 

Address: 72 Shore St E, Cleveland QLD 4163

Off-leash hours: 

Off-leash 24 hours

9. Beachmere North and Beachmere South

Off-leash dog beach in Brisbane

Let the sea set you free at one of Beachmere’s off-leash dog-friendly beaches. Detour south to Bribie Island, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with not just one but two dog-friendly beaches! Your dog will be covered in wet sand from head to paw, as both these beaches are tidal mudflats. For the ulti-mutt experience, visit at low tide. 

To locate Beachmere South, you’ll need to start at Biggs Avenue. Remember that the mangrove area is a no go zone for dogs. After your dog has finished frolicking in the water, take a break from the scorching sun and head to the dog park. There’s an off-leash dog park right next to the car park with picnic tables, toilets and shaded seating.  

Got an energetic pup? A walk to the northern side of Beachmere will tire them out! While venturing off, your dog must be on-leash until they reach the Beachmere North off-leash exercise area. Afterwards, reward your furry friend with a splash in the water.

On-leash and off-leash map of Beachmere North and Beachmere Soutb

Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Address: 136 Biggs Ave, Beachmere QLD 4510

Off-leash hours:

Off-leash 24 hours 

10. Colmslie Recreation Reserve, Morningside

Foot prints along the beach

With a children’s playground and many recreational facilities, Colmslie Recreation Reserve is a spot for the whole family to enjoy. Between the water taps, free parking, boat ramp and fishing platform – it’s safe to say this reserve has it all. There are even shaded picnic tables and barbeque areas to host a family Sunday sausage sizzle. 

With an off-leash dog park and dog-friendly beach, your dog can fit in all types of exercise. Fancy a quick training session with your dog? No problem! Pop down to the agility area and watch your furbaby show off their superstar potential. Afterwards, your dog can cool off at the nearby beach on the Brisbane River. Plus, there are bins on-site if your dog gets a call from nature. 

Address: Col Gardner Dr, Morningside QLD 4170

Off-leash hours:

Off-leash 24 hours 

The fun doesn’t just stop here. Check out what other dog-friendly water activities you can do in Brisbane this summer.