10 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Sydney

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Sydney beaches are world class. And lucky for us, many of the councils are sharing their love for dogs by allowing our furry friends to enjoy the sun, sand and waves. We’ve curated a list of the best dog-friendly  beaches in Sydney for you to enjoy in the Summer sun.

1. Rose Bay Beach, NSW

French bulldog walking on the sand at a dog-friendly beach

This lovely dog-friendly beach overlooks the stunning harbour, so you and your dog can enjoy the best of what Sydney has to offer. Between Dumaresq Reserve and Percival Park, dogs are allowed off-leash at all times, which means your pup can roam freely around the beach while you relax and get some sun. 

Off-leash hours
Dumaresq Reserve: Between 4:30 pm – 8:30 am
Rose Bay Foreshore: Off-leash at all times
Lyne Park: Between 3:30 pm – 10:30 am 

2. Greenhills Beach, Cronulla

Greenhills Beach is a short walk along the esplanade from Cronulla Beach and towards the headland of Kamay Botany Bay National Park. You’ll get a spectacular ocean view as it’s located directly on the foreshore overlooking Bate Bay. This dog-friendly beach is the only Sydney location that faces the ocean, so it’s a popular spot where you’ll meet lots of new four-legged friends. While dogs are allowed off-leash, there are specific times that you’ll need to adhere to. 

Off-leash hours
Non-daylight savings: 3 pm – 10 am
Daylight savings: 4 pm – 10 am

3. Bicentennial Park, Glebe

Nestled on the south bankj of Rozelle Bay, Bicentennial Park is an inner-city park with both on and off-leash areas that offer spectacular views of Sydney harbour. If your pup loves to roll around in the grass and go for a quick dip, this is the pawfect spot as it has the best of both worlds. Make sure to keep clear of playgrounds, as these areas are prohibited for our furry friends.


Off-leash hours
East of the canal: On-leash only
West of the canal: Off-leash at all times

4. Silver Beach, Kurnell

Just 24 km south of Sydney, Silver Beach is a great location to enjoy the sun and surf with your pooch. 
Dogs are only allowed off-leash at the western end of the long beach just in front of the Bonna Point Reserve car park. With clear water, low tides and plenty of other dogs running around, your pup will surely enjoy their day here. 

Off-leash hours
Between the third and fourth rock groynes: Off-leash at all times

5. Sirius Cove Reserve, Mosman

Sirius Cove Reserve is a beautiful spot for a picnic with your furry friend, as it’s located right on the harbour with plenty of shady areas and flat patches of grass. Dogs are allowed off-leash during the weekdays; however, there’s restricted access on weekends and public holidays.

Off-leash hours
Weekdays: Off-leash at all times
Weekends: 4 pm – 9 am

6. Sandy Bay, Clontarf

Just north of Clontarf, you’ll find Sandy Bay, a 24-hour dog-friendly beach. With shallow water, this beach is ideal for dogs that are just getting comfortable with water. There’s also an off-leash dog walking area nearby, or you can head to Clontarf Reserve if you’re looking for another splash on the beach. 

Off-leash hours
Mon-Sun: Off-leash at all times

7. Manly Lagoon, Manly

Manly Lagoon is another 24-hour dog-friendly haven. Stretching all the way to the Queenscliffe bike path, this lagoon is surrounded by the lovely parkland of Manly Lagoon Park, Hinkler Reserve and Aitkin Reserve. With pathways for children to ride bikes and a playground, there’s fun for the whole family!

Off-leash hours
Mon-Sun: Off-leash at all times

8. Horderns Beach, Bundeena

Dog sitting on a dog-friendly beach in Sydney

Hordens Beach is a great place to bring your pup during the quieter winter months of May to August, as there are no restrictions and there’s plenty of off-leash space to enjoy. There are a few restrictions that apply during the summer months of September to April.

Off-leash hours
May to August: Off-leash at all times
September to April: Mon-Fri 4:30 pm – 8:30 am

9. Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve, Curl Curl

Nestled between Dee Why and Fresh Water,  Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve is a cute dog-friendly spot just 18km from the city centre. Perfect for adventurous pups, your pup can enjoy running up and down a sand dune all day and cool off by splashing around in the nearby dog-friendly lagoon.

Off-leash hours
Mon-Sun: Off-leash at all times

10. Rowland Reserve, Bayview

Rowland Reserve is one of the most dog-friendly beaches in Sydney. There’s plenty of space for dogs to run, play fetch, and have fun. Pups can remain off-leash here and explore the nearby park, so they have lots of space to run around. Many pet groomers set up shop here on weekends, so you can get your furry friend a haircut or bath when they’re done splashing around the beach. 

Off-leash hours
Mon-Sun: Off-leash at all times

Head onto the Baxta app and tap ‘Discover’ to explore other dog-friendly beaches near you. 

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