Get Your Drool On With Healthy, All-Natural Dog Treats

Laila and Me – all-natural, healthy dog treats
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With the endless number of pet treat options available at your local supermarket or pet store, choosing the best option can be more stressful than you think. From dehydrated and baked to animal bones and biscuits, how do you know what your pet will like and, most importantly, what’s actually good for them?

With the absence of legal regulation surrounding pet food manufacturing in Australia, it’s difficult to know if the food and treats you buy are free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, and additives.

The good news is that many pet food companies have made it their mission to produce human-grade pet food. This means that the finished food product is legally suitable for human consumption, and you can rest assured that the food is clean, safe and nutrient-dense.

Say hello to Laila and Me – an Australian-owned business that offers drool-worthy human-grade pet treats. They aim to educate pet parents on the benefits of all-natural dog treats compared to big-name treats containing harmful ingredients. To learn more, read Laila and Me’s helpful guide on what you should and shouldn’t be feeding Fido.

You may have seen Laila and Me’s healthy dog treats on your Instagram feed – they’re a pup-ular commodity loved by the community. If this is your first time hearing about them, don’t fret, here’s a quick rundown on their paw-some products!

Freeze-Dried Salmon Bellies

Their Freeze-Dried Raw Treats consist of a single ingredient premium meat that retains the delicious flavour of the meat while keeping all the good nutrients intact! Both cats and dogs can enjoy these treats – choose from their Chicken Hearts, Chicken Breast, Salmon Bellies, Kangaroo, Turkey or Wild Boar options.

Or opt for their Natural Dehydrated Dog Treats that are just as full of natural goodness! There’s a more extensive range available for pups who are picky or just like trying something new. Grab Fido some Mackerel Tails, Green-Lipped Mussels, flavoured chicken jerky (Coconut Hemp, Parsley or Plain), Duck Feet and more. 

If you’re after supplements and oils that you can easily add to your pet’s diet, look no further! Laila and Me’s Health Range has everything you need for a happy and healthy pup. Does Fido have a sensitive stomach? Try the Gut Health supplement powder to create a healthy microbiome. Have an anxious pup? The Calming Dog supplement powder will help keep your dog calm and collected on those uneasy days.

DIY Gummy Bear Mix

For something a bit more fun, grab the DIY Gummi Bear Mix to create pup-approved gummies. These gummies are great for promoting healthy joints, skin, and bone and even helps with brain health! With four different flavours to choose from, you’ll have a ton of fun making these, and your pooch will equally enjoy eating them! 

Head to Laila and Me’s website to stock up on delicious all-natural dog treats and supplements.