It’s a Game of Cones for This Adorable Golden Retriever and His Costumes

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What happens when your dog has to wear a cone for 14 days? Why, you make it fun and turn it into a Game of Cones.

We applaud and salute Jenn Frates for her creativity when it comes to these amazing designs for her Golden Retriever Finn!

“Finn is thankful to finally be done with 14 days of wearing a cone!” Jenn wrote on Facebook. “We kept it pretty crafty every day to help pass the time! (Can’t take credit for the designs, just recreated the ones I fell in love with on Pinterest!) Kudos to my buddy for being the best sport in all these daily pictures!”

Our faves has to be Pixar and the Martini glass. How about you?

See the rest below.

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