10 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Melbourne

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Relax, sunbathe and take your dog for a dip at one of these stunning off-leash dog beaches in Melbourne.

Aussie beaches are a dime a dozen; it’s the land down under, after all! But sifting out which ones are dog-friendly is harder than it should be. That’s where we come in – here are the best dog-friendly beaches in Melbourne for your pup to have a splash. 

Before you pack your beach bag, keep in mind that the majority of these beaches have different restrictions for dogs between the summer and winter months, so make sure you’re aware of the off-leash zones and times before heading off.

1. St Kilda Beach

Dog at St Kilda Beach, a popular dog-friendly beach in Melbourne
Source: @rocketbcxfoxy

St Kilda Beach is undoubtedly the place to be in Melbourne during the summer. From pet-friendly cafes plotted along the promenade to penguins frequenting the peer – what’s not to love? The buzzing 650m dog-friendly beach in Melbourne has two zones with different sections for dogs. Pups are permitted off-leash between the 1st April-31st October on the sand at the main area of St Kilda Beach. For some truly dog-friendly fun, you’ll want to head over to St Kilda West Beach, where dogs are allowed off-leash all year round. 

Address: St Kilda Beach, St Kilda, Port Phillip, VIC, 1839 

Off-leash hours: 

St Kilda Main Beach: Dogs are permitted off-leash at all times between 1st April to 31st October. Dogs are prohibited at all times between 1st November to 31st March. 

St Kilda West Beach: Off-leash 24 hrs 

2. Sandown Street Dog Beach, Brighton

Pomeranian in front of the Bathers Beach Houses in Brighton, Melbourne
Source: @gizmobread

If you’re looking for a good off-leash dog beach in Melbourne, Sandown Street Dog Beach is a must-visit that can be found at the end of Brighton Beach’s 1km strip. This well-kept dog-friendly beach in Melbourne is highly rated by pet parents and even regarded as a “doggy haven”! Between its clean sand, mudflat sections and seaweed, your pup will have a blast. The shallow waters make it ideal for dogs just learning to swim. Doggy bags, bins and water are also provided.

As you’re making your way to Sandown Street Beach, make sure you take a snap of your dog in front of one of Brighton’s iconic beach bathing boxes! 

Address: Sandown St, Brighton VIC 3186

Off-leash hours: 

Sandown St Beach (Brighton): Off-leash 24 hrs 

Brighton Beach: Dogs are permitted off-leash between 1st April-31st October. 

1st November – 31st March (10 am – 7:30 pm, dogs prohibited; 7:30 pm to 10 am, dogs are permitted off-leash)

3. Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne

Pup enjoying a day out at a beach in Melbourne
Source: @landscaper.razor

Sandridge Beach is located next to a dog-friendly park, so your pup will have the best of both worlds. Surrounded by piers and port facilities, this dog-friendly beach in Melbourne has a lot to offer. From free accessible parking, a playground and BBQ areas, it’s no wonder this beach is popular with puppy parents. While there’s 500m of sand for your pet to explore, dogs are only allowed off-leash and on-leash at various times of the year. 

After a fun day in the sun, head down afterwards to one of these dog-friendly restaurants in Melbourne to refuel.

Address: Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207 

Off-leash hours: 

1st April – 31st October: dogs are permitted at all times on the beach

1st November – 31st March: dogs prohibited at all times on the beach 

4. P A Burns Reserve, Altona Beach

Dog at P A Burns Reserve, a dog-friendly beach in Melbourne
Source: @frankdaflawless

Located southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, PA Burns Reserve is a 24hr off-leash dog beach in Melbourne that’s best visited at low tide. Visitors highly rate it for its accessibility, doggy bags and bins.

Altona Beach has shallow waters, and the tide goes out a long way, making it easy for your pup to roam without being scared away by the waves! Clean off your sandy pooch with one of the handy dog showers available nearby. A grassy park is located right behind the beach, so your pup can dry off before heading home. 

Address: P A Burns Reserve, Altona, VIC, 2018 

Off-leash hours:

 Off-leash 24hrs 

5. Elwood Beach

Dog playing in the sand at Elwood Beach, a dog-friendly off-leash beach in Melbourne
Source: @dachofbear

You’ll find breathtaking Elwood beach at the Northern end of the beach near Point Ormond. Walking paths, coastal vegetation, restaurants and kiosks can be found along the Elwood foreshore. Pups are welcome to run, dive, and explore the 1300m long beach; just make sure you check the times before visiting! Barbeques are also located close to the beach – perfect for a family fun day out. Afterwards, visit Elwood Bathers for a bite where your pup can quench its thirst at the pooch hydration station. 

If you’re looking for more outings to keep your high-energy dog occupied, try one of these dog-friendly hiking trails in Melbourne. 

Address: 39, State Route 33, Elwood VIC 3184

Off-leash hours: 

1st April – 31st October: dogs permitted off-leash 24 hrs a day 

1st November to 31st March: dogs allowed off-leash from 5:30 pm-9:30 am each day

6. Mentone Beach

Labrador at a dog beach in Melbourne
Source: @joey_thelabrador

Catch some rays at Mentone Beach, a popular dog-friendly beach in Melbourne. Forgot your pup’s water bottle? No stress; dogs can rehydrate with the water taps and bowls provided. Other amenities, such as showers and a family change room, are also available. A large portion of the beach is off-leash, allowing dogs only on the sand. Use the BBQ facilities south of the beach and enjoy a picnic in the small grassy area. 

Address: Mentone Beach, Mentone VIC 3194

Off-leash hours: 

Off-leash 24 hrs 

7. Keast Park Dog Beach

Dog swimming at Keast Park Dog Beach in Melbourne
Source: @rory.the.grey.dog

Venture through Keast Park, and you’ll find a stunning, peaceful, dog-friendly beach for your pup. With a 200m section for your pup to roll around in, Keast Park Dog beach is one of the only year-round off-leash dog beaches in the Frankston Council area. Pups are welcome to roam freely within the allocated markers on the foreshore. Many dogs frequent this beach, so your dog is bound to make new fur friends! 

After a fun day in the sun, take your pup for a special treat at one of these dog-friendly pubs and bars in Melbourne. 

Address: Keast Park, Nepean Hwy, Seaford VIC 3198

Off-leash hours: 

Off-leash 24 hrs 

8. Royal Beach, Mornington

Dog playing fetch at Royal Beach in the Mornington Peninsula
Source: @purely.peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is loaded with breathtaking beaches, and Royal Beach is no exception! This 190m off-leash dog beach in Melbourne is a little slice of heaven. With deep water only out beyond the rocks, your pup will have a field day paddling in the shallow water. The best part? Royal Beach allows dogs off-leash all year round! 

Address: Royal Beach, 774 Esplanade, Mornington, VIC, 3931 

Off-leash hours: 

Off-leash 24 hrs 

9. Flinders Dog Beach

Japanese Spritz at Flinders Dog Beach in Melbourne
Source: @casper_friendly_japanese_spritz

Nestled amongst large rock formations, Flinders Beach is an off-leash dog-friendly beach in Melbourne packed with seaweed for your pup to play with. The dog-friendly section of the beach can be found north of Dodds Creek.

Brace yourself for plenty of splashing around when it’s low tide! The shallow waters mean your pup can swim freely and safely without you having to worry. After your swim, take your pup for a walk back along Flinders Pier (although there are some restrictions for dogs during daylight savings).  

Address: Flinders Dog Beach, Flinders, VIC, 3929 

Off-leash hours:

Off-leash 24 hrs

10. Hawker Beach

Cavoodle posing for photo at Hawker Beach
Source: @bikkie_thecavoodle

Hawker Beach is located in Mount Martha, a suburb on the Mornington Peninsula. Despite being smaller in size, Hawker Beach is one of the most gorgeous hidden beaches on the Peninsula. Clear waters and stacks of rocks fill up the beach, with colourful little houses plotted along the sand. Dogs can enjoy Hawker Beach all year long, so you’ll want to add this beach to your checklist if you’re travelling to Mornington for a little getaway! 

Address: Hawker Beach, Mount Martha, VIC, 3934

Off-leash hours: 

Off-leash 24hrs

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