But we're more than just an app.

We’re creating a movement towards a new world, where your pets will always be as welcome as you are. By joining Baxta, you and your pet are becoming a force for change. Together, with other Baxsters, you can review pet-friendly destinations, cafes and services, making the world more safe and friendly for pets. The strength of the Baxta community will mean more venues and services will step up to receive the Baxta seal of approval for pet-friendliness. Our 15,000 and growing listed businesses and venues is growing daily. Because we love pets as much as you do, we created an app to help care for our furry, finned and feathered friends. Dr Simone Maher, a leading Australian vet, will share tips with you to care for your pets, providing sensible evidence-based advice you can trust.

And we’re here to share those special moments only pet people understand. Post those cute moments that make your heart sing on your pet’s profile, for your own pet journal or to share with an audience of thousands. We’re on a mission to connect the global pet community and create a world free from animal cruelty. Join us!

When Chris
met Daisy…

When Baxta founder Chris Russell adopted Daisy the Frug, it was love at first sight.

Chris wanted one app to get reliable advice, find pet-friendly places and share Daisy’s story with family and friends.

Why Baxta?

Naming our pet app was a bit like naming a pet… everyone had an opinion. It needed to be short and snappy, not too common, and easy to say in a hurry. Someone said Baxta. And it stuck. Baxta is a dog. A cat. A guinea pig. A horse. A kitten. A snake. A teacup pig. A cockatiel. A lizard. A purebred show pet. Or a bitsa you rescued. Baxta is the only app for all pets. And we can’t wait to meet you!

A big heart

Baxta is proud to support RSPCA Australia to promote animal care and protection. Our not-for-profit arm, Halo, partners with the Wayside Chapel to support people experiencing homelessness. Because we believe every pet, every animal, and every human matter.

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