Baxta business partners: Baxta app

EB Pearls | Web Development

EB Pearls is one of Sydney’s leading App development companies, and has been an integral part of bringing Baxta into the world. EB Pearls took the Baxta dream, applied their knowledge and skills, and delivered something that absolutely blew us out of the water. The EB Pearls process consists of seven steps: initiation, strategy, design, development, quality assurance, maintenance and optimisation. Their team has an unmatched knack for developing apps with a customer-centric focus and advanced user engagement testing. As far as app development companies go, we feel pretty darnn lucky that we chose EB Pearl.

Design by Mouse | Graphic and Web Design

Design by Mouse is the magic fairy that made everything about Baxta look as pretty and polished as it does today. The owner, Millie, was designing before she could walk. (Perhaps not true, but with her talent, it sometimes feels that way.) If you haven’t noticed, Millie’s design style demands attention. She’s not afraid to make noise and her flair for modern design is undeniable. She built the entire look and feel of the Baxta branding and app from the ground up. Imagining where Baxta might be if we didn’t have Millie from Design by Mouse is the type of nightmare that keeps us up at night.

Hearts and Minds Solutions | Customer Experience

Hearts and Minds is the heart and mind behind everything we do at Baxta. Louise, the founder, is a trailblazer who has worked in marketing for many leading organisations, such as Bupa and Tourism Australia, and successful digital product startups. As an expert in the pathway to purchase and behavioural design, Louise is a critical player in Batxa’s ongoing success. Customer experience and marketing consultancy are Louise’s jam, specialising in digital product development and customer acquisition. Curious and constantly tinkering with marketing science and technology, Louise is working with the Baxta team to ensure it takes its place as the world’s most pet-friendly app.

FB Rice | Patent Attorneys

FB Rice is Australia’s leading independent intellectual property firm, and the team that made sure Baxta is future proof. Intellectual property (IP) is their sole focus, which ensures the best possible development and protection for our ideas. FB Rice made a potentially confusing journey easy as pie. They are experts in the protection of IP and they worked hard to create strategies with high commercial impact. You can tell the entire team believe that IP makes a difference to our society, and are driven and passionate about the contribution that Baxta is making towards the greater good.

Work Words Content | Content & Brand

Amanda from Work Words Content has been with us from the beginning. She built the Baxta brand and tone like no one else could. It became clear pretty quickly that Amanda is a complete word nerd: she likes to smell books and eats deadlines for breakfast. The culture, feel and foundation that Amanda gifted Baxta will define who we are well into the future. With over two decades of experience (yes, two!), Amanda has picked up some serious skills, and you can truly feel her knowledge. It’s hard to comprehend the impact Word Works had on Baxta, but it is truly immense.