The Best Pet Boarding near Brisbane

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Don’t let your pets miss out on the action while you’re away! Spoil them with the five-star treatment they deserve at these pet boarding options in Brisbane!

Let’s face it, sometimes life gets busy, and we can’t always be there for our pets. Luckily, there are plenty of pet boarding in Brisbane that offers a reliable solution for when we’re away. Choosing the right one can be daunting, so we’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up some of the best options to ensure your furry companion is in good hands.

#1 Coltrandi Pet Boarding & Training Centre

Image Credits: @Coltrandi Boarding And Training Centre

At Coltrandi, pets are more than just guests – they’re royalty! The moment they step one paw into this luxe pet boarding in Brisbane, they’re treated to a refreshing hydro-bath to help them feel clean and comfortable. Throughout their stay, pooches are given their own clean and sanitised space, with kennel units and food bowls disinfected daily. And speaking of food, they’ll be given a nutritious meal plan tailored to their specific dietary needs. 

Meanwhile, cats can enjoy their own exploration time in a relaxing enclosed area with soothing music playing in the background. For pups who need an extra hand with their behaviour, group and live-in training programs are available.

Address: 755 Mount Cotton Rd, Brisbane QLD 4157, Australia

#2 Brisbane Boarding Kennels

Image Credits: @brisbaneboardingkennels

Brisbane Boarding Kennels is the ultimate destination for your pet! With its top-notch staff and purr-fect facilities, your pet will live its best life until you return to cuddle them. From spacious yards for pups to romp around in, to comfy quarters for kitty naps and bird-friendly perches, every furry and feathery guest gets the royal treatment. 

If your little one craves adventure, you can opt for extras like swim sessions, sensory garden experiences, and group activities. So go ahead and book that vacation! Your pet will be right at home at this pet boarding in Brisbane!

Address: 305-311 Boundary Rd, Narangba QLD 4504, Australia

#3 Shady Acres Pet Resort

Image Credits: @Shady Acres Pet Resort

For over 30 years, Shady Acres Pet Resort has been delivering excellent pet boarding in Brisbane for felines and furry friends of all shapes and sizes. Their experienced staff will give your cats and dogs professional, caring treatment with a focus on safety, cleanliness, and comfort.

The wide-open spaces are perfect for Fido looking to burn off some energy. Playtime is carefully arranged to match your pet’s personality and energy level, and with plenty of toys to choose from, they’ll never be bored. Relax easy, knowing your beloved companions are well-cared for.

Address: 755 Mount Cotton Rd, Brisbane QLD 4157, Australia

#4 Alidas Pet Resort

Image Credits: Alida's Pet Resort

Established in 1995, Alidas Pet Resort is a family-run business with a reputation for providing exceptional care to dogs and cats. With temperature-controlled kennels, your pets will always feel comfortable no matter the season. And that’s not all! Every dog gets to enjoy a twice-daily romp and delicious BBQ meal featuring chicken and roo mince. And if you have a little pup or a finicky feline, this pet boarding in Brisbane has special accommodation options just for them! 

Address: 583 Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd, Alberton QLD 4207, Australia

#5 Chandler Boarding Kennels

wide space pet boarding in Brisbane
Image Credits: @Chandler Boarding Kennels

Give Fido the best staycation experience possible by booking this pet boarding in Brisbane! With Chandler Boarding Kennel’s professional staff, you can rest assured that your dog will be in good hands while you’re away. From exercise and mental stimulation to socialisation, they offer a comprehensive range of services designed to keep your pooch happy and healthy while you’re away. They even provide a nutritional diet and hydrobath before checkout to ensure your pup returns home feeling healthy and refreshed. 

Address: 81 Eastwood St, Chandler QLD 4155, Australia

#6 The Pet Chalet

Image Credits: @The Pet Chalet

The Pet Chalet offers convenient pick-up and drop-off services to make your life easier. With over 40 years of experience, this pet boarding in Brisbane promises a relaxing getaway for your pet. But it’s not all snoozing and relaxing here – The Pet Chalet also offers plenty of playtime and attention for pets who need a little extra TLC. For dogs who love to chew, their busy bones are a healthy alternative to traditional treats as they give pups some much-needed stimulation and entertainment during their downtime.

And for the ultimate comfort, your furry friend can enjoy deluxe beds, a hydrobath, blow dry, as well as coat conditioning. It’s a spa day for your pet – what could be better?

Address: 50 Carbine Rd, Upper Brookfield QLD 4069, Australia

#7 Brisbane Pet Motel

water activity to do in pet boarding near Brisbane
Image Credits: @Brisbane Pet Motel

Brisbane Pet Motel is a trusted pet boarding in Brisbane that understands the value of providing pets with top-notch care and a safe stay. They go the extra mile to ensure your pets receive ample attention, playtime, and exercise to keep them entertained under their care. 

And when it’s time to pick them up, you can expect content and exhausted pup ready to cuddle up with you and share stories from their little holiday. 

Address: 2290 Sandgate Rd, Boondall QLD 4034, Australia

#8 Janelles Doggies and Moggies Pet Resort

Image Credits: @Janelles Doggies and Moggies Pet Resort

At Janelles Doggies and Moggies Pet Resort, your furry friends may have as much fun as they want without breaking the bank. From playtime to pampering, this pet boarding in Brisbane has everything your pets need to feel safe, comfortable, and loved while you’re not around. Their luxurious 5-star facility is surrounded by beautiful natural areas that overlooks  Brisbane, making your pets feel like kings and queens. 

Address: 975 Chambers Flat Rd, Chambers Flat QLD 4133, Australia

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