The Best Pet Boarding in Sydney

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It’s always hard leaving your pet behind when you’re going on vacation but sometimes, it’s the only option. Having a trusted place to take them to makes it so much easier and gives you peace of mind. Here are some of our favourite pet boarding near Sydney to try next time you go away.   

#1 Hanrob

Cavoodle sitting on a doggy bed at Hanrob Pet Hotels - a pet boarding in Sydney

For over 40 years, Hanrob has been providing love and care for pets when their parents are away. Both cats and dogs have two different boarding options – classic and luxury.

The classic option for dogs includes daily playtime, premium meals, housekeeping and a report card while luxury offers all that and more (including a TV and air conditioning in a private living room). 

Cats can expect premium meals, bedding, toys, report card and daily playtime for the classic option, while a luxury suite will get your feline a larger area to stretch, play and sleep, plus a secure outdoor ground to explore.

You can book additional add-ons to give your pet the ulti-mutt staycation while you’re away. This includes one-on-one cuddle sessions with one of the team members, daily treats and more.

Locations: Heathcote and Sydney Airport

#2 Happy Little Howlers

6 dogs standing against a fence at Happy Little Howlers - a pet boarding in Sydney

Happy Little Howlers is a boutique hotel that’s a purr-fect option for pet boarding in Sydney if you have a small pup. Fido will be treated like family and get all the attention he needs in the comfort of a private, spacious cubby with comfortable flooring and an elevated bed. And you don’t need to worry about fun activities! With a doggy daycare in their facility, your pup will be involved with all the daily daycare fun, which includes stimulating toys, bubble fun, doggy movies for pupflix and chill and more.

If you’re looking for more doggy daycare in Sydney, check out our top picks!

Address: 23a Luland Street, Botany, NSW 2019

#3 SmallPaws


SmallPaws is one of the only pet boarding in Sydney that caters to small dogs (under 10kg) and cats. With 5 acres of land for your furry friend to explore, it’s an ideal home away from home that’s not too far from the city centre. With four accommodation options for dogs and five for cats, you’ll be able to find one that suits your budget and your pet’s needs. There’s even a pet taxi service if you can’t drive them or pick them up yourself. 

Address: 413 Killawarra Road, Duffys Forest NSW 2084

#4 Kip

Dog checking himself in at Kip Hotels, a pet boarding in Sydney

Kip is a no-brainer option if you’re looking for pet boarding in Sydney. With various locations across major Australian cities, you’ll know exactly what to expect wherever you go. 

With Luxury Villas for your pup that comes with a private outdoor grass yard, indoor retreat and cosy single bed to unwind and enjoy the TV, your pup will be relaxing to the max! Or if your furry friend isn’t too fussy, opt for the Classic Room – a private haven with access to outdoor grass yards. 

Add extras to give Fido the ulti-mutt stay from extra playtime, bushwalks and extra treatos; they’ll never want to leave Kip!

Address: 254 Bathurst Street, Sawyers Gully NSW 2326

#5 Barnstone Kennels


Barnstone Kennels is a top-notch pet boarding in Sydney that caters to pups and felines. If you’ve got a smaller furr-iend, don’t fret – Barnstone Kennels will look after them too! All you need to do is bring their cage and food; they’ll be well taken care of while you’re away.

Pooches will have a ball playing in one of the 12 large grassed exercise areas with lots of toys to play with, shady spots to nap in and a friend to keep them company. Cats are kept well away from dogs so that they can feel at ease in their self-contained suite with a verandah, scratching post and snuggly igloo bed.

There’s even a room service menu (talk about lush) where you can order extra goodies for your best friend. Choose from various delicious meals or treats, and they’ll be delivered straight to your pet’s room!

Address: 91 Thunddungra Road, Duffys Forest NSW 2084

#6 Calabash Kennels & Cattery


Calabash Kennels & Cattery is a pet boarding in Sydney that should be on your short list! Both dogs and cats can expect 5-star boarding accommodation – calming background music to help them relax, large play areas and air conditioning to fend off the heat or cold. Plus, your pet will indulge in healthy, gourmet meals made from raw, wholesome foods they’ll drool over.

Address: 27 Calabash Road, Arcadia NSW 2159

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