Pet Jealousy and New-Born Babies

Pet Jealousy and New-Born Babies

How to Mentally Prepare Your Pet for the Arrival of Your New Baby

After being the centre of your universe for years, it can be extremely hard for a pet to adjust to the arrival of a new-born baby in your family.

Here are some preparational tips on how to introduce your pet to its new lifestyle before the baby arrives:

1. Consider the routine that you and your pet have together. If this routine is going to change considerably once the baby arrives then you must begin to re-adjust that schedule from an early stage. Pets are used to their routine and may become confused when they no longer get to eat or walk at the same time that they used to.

2. If your pet has never been around small children, then introduce them to some kids such as your nephew/niece or even your neighbour’s kids. If your pet has never seen a baby, before they may not know how to act in one’s company and this could result in behaviours such as jumping up onto the baby.

3. If you are going to re-arrange all the furniture in the house for bubs then make sure you do so well in advance. This is so your pet has time to get used to what their new surroundings will look like.

4. Pets are extremely sensitive to new smells so purchase your baby lotions and baby powders. Getting your pet used to these new smells means that your pet may not feel as threatened or confused by the new little person in their territory.

5. Pet proof your house with baby gates in areas that you don’t want them to get into.

6. Don’t let your pet climb over baby’s blankets, play mats or beds. Stop your cat from curling up in the bassinet! Pets need to know that this is not their territory.

7. Create a safe and comfortable space that is out of bounds for the baby. Pets need to have their own little place as well – even if it’s just to escape the baby’s cries for a little while.

8. Don’t forget about your pet once baby arrives – reserve private time for your pet if you can. They don’t want to share you all the time.

So, there you have it, our hot tips will help you to prepare your pet for the new chapter of its life. With enough preparation, you can avoid situations like your pet becoming jealous or aggressive towards the baby.

Remember to be patient with your pet – introducing a baby to the family can be scary and confusing for them, after all, a baby is like an alien species to them!

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