The Best Australian Human-Grade Pet Food Brands

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Boost your furbaby’s health and well-being with these Australian human-grade pet food brands. 

Prepare to indulge your furry companions with nothing short of the best! We’ve searched the market to bring you a handpicked selection of the finest Australian human-grade pet food brands. Whether you’re after nutrient-rich slow-cooked recipes or delectable raw subscription-based meals, we’ll uncover the brands that go the extra mile to ensure your pet’s health and happiness. 

1. Lyka

Human-grade pet food
Source: @lykapetfood

Lyka is one of the best Australian human-grade pet food brands that provides high-quality, nutritious dog meals. By avoiding artificial preservatives, fillers and by-products, Lyka ensures that every meal is a healthy and balanced choice for pets. Each meal is gently cooked to retain maximum nutrients, ensuring optimal health and vitality for pets. Alongside their subscription-based meals, they have an array of supplements and delectable treats designed specifically for dogs.

Lyka’s passion for pets and commitment to their overall well-being makes it a trusted choice for pet owners who prioritise the highest quality nutrition for their furry friends. 

2. The Nosh Project

Human-grade pet food
Source: @thenoshproject

The Nosh Project is committed to creating wholesome human-grade pet food tailored to cats and dogs. Their meals are slow-cooked to perfection, devoid of artificial preservatives and additives. Each meal is carefully balanced with fresh meat, carbohydrates, vegetables, and essential vitamins and minerals by sourcing ingredients exclusively from Australian farms. The Nosh Project works closely with veterinarians and pet nutritionists to ensure that every Nosh meal delivers the vital nutrients necessary for your pet’s overall well-being.

3. Raw & Fresh

Human-grade pet food
Source: @ecd_rawandfresh

If you’re after a more affordable human-grade pet food brand, you’ll want to give Raw & Fresh a try! Since its establishment in 2015, Raw & Fresh has been fueled by a profound passion for pets and an in-depth understanding of their nutritional needs. Their product line is centred around the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and is conveniently delivered in cold-packed form. Every week, their pet food is freshly prepared to order, meticulously tailored to cater to the dietary requirements of both cats and dogs.

To learn more about the benefits of the raw food diet, check out our blog, The Secret Ingredients for a Happy and Healthier Pup.  

4. Perfect Bowl

Human-grade pet food
Source: @perfectbowl_au

Give your pooch the ultimate nutrient-packed feast they deserve with Perfect Bowl! Their human-grade pet food contains locally sourced ingredients, guaranteeing peak nutrition and tantalising taste. Each bowl is a harmonious blend of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, dedicated to boosting your pup’s well-being.

Perfect Bowl goes the extra mile with its eco-conscious manufacturing practices, ensuring they’re not just raising the bar for dog nutrition but also protecting our precious planet.

5. The Butcher’s Dog

Human-grade pet food
Source: @thebutchersdogau

Crafted by animal nutritionists and veterinarians, The Butcher’s Dog delivers raw food free from synthetic vitamins and mineral premixes. Expertly sourced meats come straight from trusted farms, endorsed by a seasoned butcher with four decades of experience in the meat industry. Each batch of human-grade pet food is prepared in an authorised facility and then transported to your doorstep in temperature-controlled vans, guaranteeing absolute freshness. 

Don’t miss out on their special puppy box combo, providing tailored nourishment for your growing canine companion!

6. Petzyo

Human-grade pet food
Source: @petzyo

Unleash the power of Petzyo! This human-grade pet food company delivers top-notch dry kibble and raw food options to your doorstep. Their secret? Single-protein recipes sourced sustainably from Australian farmers and micro-businesses. 

Pamper your pup with Petzyo’s range of patties, tailored for large and small breed puppies, adult dogs, allergy sufferers, and dogs with arthritis. And it doesn’t stop there! They’ve got everything from leashes to toys, collars and grooming supplies.

Now that your pet’s meals are perfectly sorted complement their new diet with these delicious all-natural pet treats.