Chris Russell

With an extensive career in business behind him, Chris conceived the idea for Baxta when his dog Daisy first joined the family.

Millie Cooper

Advisory Board + Graphic / Web Designer
Millie is the mastermind behind the Baxta look and feel. Her modern design style demands attention – as does her dog Theo!

Louise Kelly

General Manager
Louise's expertise span from customer experience to brand development. As GM, she has a hand on every facet of the Baxta business.

Dr Simone Maher​

Veterinary Advisor
An expert in small animal practice and shelter medicine, Simone is passionate about educating people on pet and animal welfare.

Sarah Scaife

Product and Content Manager
With a diverse background in digital content marketing, Sarah is the storyteller behind the Baxta narrative.

Debbie Cummings

Brand Ambassador
Debbie finds our talented partners and owns the Baxta events that bring the community together, with Eddie the Pug by her side.

Jorja Cummings

Junior Brand Ambassador
Our youngest member of the Baxta team, Jorja's love of pets and animals shows the true potential of Baxta's impact.

Akash Shakya

Technical Lead
Akash, the tech talent responsible for Baxta's app development, is a big believer in our mission to fulfill the pet-lover's dream.

Isobel Walsh

SME Account Executive
Isobel believes the Baxta app is set to change all pet owners' lives.

Brooke Dalton

Sales and Partnerships Manager
Driving our charity partner program, Brooke is committed to making a difference to the animal and pet world alongside Baxta.

Corey Russell

Marketing and Operations Manager
Corey’s holistic business skills and relentless dedication to the cause make him the resident Baxta all-rounder.

Gabrielle Brough

Services and Operations
An animal lover and animal welfare enthusiast, Gabrielle is the systems-oriented gun who keeps the Baxta ecosystem in good shape.

Christie Lim

Social Paid and Influencer
Christie is Baxta’s high-achieving marketing creative whose unique way of thinking gives our social media and comms an edge of its own.