Top Dog-friendly Adventures By Personality and Breed

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With the festive holiday season coming up, now’s the paw-fect time to be out and about with your pet! And there’s so much to do. In this blog, we’ll cover action-packed ideas from puppy pub crawls, pet-friendly staycations, epic road trips, dog-friendly adventures in the great Australian outdoors to camping at dog friendly caravan parks.

BUT, before you rush out the door, it’s important to realise that not all activities suit your dog, so here’s what you need to know.

It’s in the genes!

Believe it or not, genetics play a huge role in making up your pooch’s personality. It actually is in some dogs’ DNA to naturally want to jump, run, weave, and duck rather than lay around on the couch all day. In fact, in 2005, scientists undertook genetic sequencing on dogs for the first time and set out to uncover the genes that give breeds a distinctive personality. So while dog personalities are not one size fits all, research gives us insight into their likes and dislikes and tells us how to meet their emotional and physical needs.

There’s an activity to suit your dog’s personality

Whether exercising or adventuring out with your dog, choosing an activity that suits their personality makes a difference. And it’s essential to understand what makes your dog tick.

While finding an activity that suits your pet can be challenging, here are our top dog adventures by personality to get things rolling.

The canine athlete superstar

Dog breeds: Border Collie, Greyhound, German Pointer,

You’d realise by now that a walk around the block is just not enough for these breeds. So unless you love to adventure out on long hikes, this is probably NOT music to your ears because these breeds need high mental and physical stimulation.

Activity: That’s not all; they’re nothing short of athletic superstars. One of the best activities for them is agility sports or competitions. Think weaving through poles, running through tunnels, or conquering jumps.

Adventure type: A great place to start is taking your pup to a park like Shale Hills Dog Park – Western Sydney’s largest off-leash dog area and agility course. And if you’re serious about seeing your furbaby’s inner speed in action, book them into one of their agility training courses.

The speed demon
Dog breeds: Greyhounds, Boxers and Jack Russell Terriers

While some dogs may be faster at mastering a new trick or two, these runners take the cake for reaching high speeds. Coming in at number one on the podium, the Greyhound is recognised as the fastest dog on the planet and can reach speeds up to 72km/h.

Activity: Weave through poles, run through tunnels, conquer jumps and more with agility sports or competitions. A great place to start is by taking your pooch to a park such as Shale Hills Dog Park. This park in Western Sydney has the largest off-leash dog area and agility course for your pooch to get loads of exercise in.

Adventure type: Pack your bags and hit the snow if you have a Siberian Husky or a German Shepherds! Their endurance to cold climates makes them the perfect fit for activities like skijoring and sledding. Popular snow play destinations such as Dinner Plain, Thredbo, and Perisher are the ideal locations for a weekend getaway.

The active energizer doggy
Breeds: Aussie Shepherds, Beagles, and English Springer Spaniels

Born with enduring, high-energy tanks, adventure activities like bushwalking are one of the best ways to exercise these breeds. If your dog has a strong recall, an off-leash bushwalk is perfect as it allows your dog to run or walk a reasonable distance.

Activity: Long walks exploring places like Heaton State Forest, NSW is ideal as its extensive and lush grounds will allow them to get lots of sniffing and exercise in! Another great way to stimulate a super athletic dog is through Canicross – essentially cross country running but with dogs! All you’ll need is a harness for your dog, a belt for you to wear, and a bungee line.

Adventure type: Swap out the neighbourhood walk for a coastal walk. In Victoria, a weekend tackling the 8.2 km George Bass Coastal Walk and soaking in incredible wildlife and coastal views whilst exploring and splashing rock pools along the way is a great one to try!

(George Bass Coastal Walk)
The Social Butterfly (People Pooch)
Breeds: Havanese, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Newfoundland

These cool tempered, gentle natured breeds are great to take out. While playful, and affectionate they are usually well behaved and great with kids.

Activity: Puppucinos, cafe browsing and neighbourhood walks are perfect activities. Lucky dogs in Perth, have Slate Cafe. This must-try puppuccino destination holds the title as one of Australia’s most iconic pet-friendly cafes! And it features an enclosed dog playground and a spacious and grassy picnic area.

In Sydney, we recommend Cuckoo Alley in Surry Hills and Henry Lee’s in Redfern. Pet-friendly cafes can attract lots of dogs, so make sure your pup enjoys getting social with other dogs as well as being a people lover.

(Slate Cafe)

Adventure type: A puppy pub crawl is a great way to get your friendly pup in the company of other people. Melbourne is home to some of the best pet-friendly bars in Australia. You can start your adventure at the Stomping Ground Brewery and kick back in the garden with your pooch. Next stop, Luie Tavern – this rustic pub’s cosy atmosphere is the perfect place for dogs to socialise! End your pub crawl at the Goldy’s Tavern and Cafe, and treat your pooch to a ‘doggie banger and mash’!

(Goldy’s Tavern)
The dog-friendly dog
Breeds: Boston Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, and Maltipoos

These goofy, energetic breeds are the ulti-mutt pooch lovers that thrive on engaging with other dogs! While you can never be sure if two pups will get along, these dog breeds are often gentle and well-suited to life with other dogs and pets.

Activity: Puppy playdates are great for super social dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs! You can start with a one-on-one playdate and move on to a group playdate with similar personality dogs and play style. Host play dates from the comfort of your backyard or visit an off-leash local park. If your council is dog friendly, there are numerous fenced areas at show grounds or parks for dogs.

Adventure type: Take your pooch on a neighbourhood trail – they’ll get to interact and get social with lots of different dogs along the way. Balmain is home to some of the most dog-friendly parks in Sydney. We recommend starting at Mort Bay Park, where your dog can have a splash on the beach, then moving onto Elkington Park for a play in the lush off-leash grounds and finishing your walk at Birchgrove Park; where you can stop by the Gladstone Cafe to grab a coffee! Check out this complimentary Baxta Doggy Adventure itinerary in Balmain to get started.

(Birchgrove Park)
The Velcro Dog
Breeds: Toy Cavoodles, Chihuahuas, and Brussels Griffons

Small in size, big in personalities – often sassy, confident, and full of fun. These canines are often small, love being in the company of their owners, and for this reason, make the perfect travel buddy!

Activity: An overnight stay is a great way to introduce your dog to a different area, try out new cafes, and spend quality bonding time together. Hotels like the Langham and Pier One welcome four-legged friends with open arms. With dog sitters available on request, puppuccinos, luxury pet beds, and water bowls, these hotels have everything you’ll need for the paw-fect pet-friendly getaway!

Adventure type: Treat yourself and your dog to a spa day – it’s the perfect way to get them out and about. These breeds often make great city dogs, so a trip to the groomers is likely a fun day out for them. Pooch Avenue in Brisbane is all about making your pet feel like a superstar. Let your furbaby enjoy their aroma massage, mineral spa, and purifying scrub!

(The Langham)
The Introvert
Breeds: Shiba Inus, Norwegian Lundehunds and Cairn Terriers

Fearlessly loyal – if you’re a bit of a homebody yourself, having a dog that keeps to themselves will spare you the pain of small talk when you’re out! Introverted dogs don’t necessarily hate socialising, but they love spending time alone with their humans and may give other pooches the cold shoulder when they’re outside.

Activity: A doggy sleepover can be the perfect remedy for an introverted pup. Sleepovers can be super beneficial for helping your dog overcome social anxiety while being in an environment that’s comfortable. Make sure it’s with a trusted pet that your pooch is completely comfortable with. Why not purchase some treats from Doggy Dapper Dining and make it a paw-some slumber party?

Adventure type: When it comes to walking a shy dog, finding less crowded and triggering spaces can be a challenge. However, visiting a church with a field or large grass area is a great way to adventure out with your dog without the regular hustle and bustle. Plus, some churches like St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney are recognised as historical landmarks so, visiting places like this will feel like a fun day out for both you and your pup! Not all churches allow dogs and are open for limited hours so double-check before heading out.

(Doggy Dapper Dining x IIKO Mazesoba)
The Golden Oldie
Breeds: Great Pyrenees, Bulldogs, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Japanese Chins  and Lhasa Apsos

Natural-born couch potatoes – as strange as it may seem, some dog breeds are physically unable to handle loads of exercise. While they enjoy exercise, these pooches like to live a quiet, laid-back lifestyle and are often satisfied with a short walk around the block.

Activity: A pet-friendly outdoor cinema may be the perfect solution for the Lazy Bones! Yatala Drive-In Brisbane has an outdoor seating section for dogs, but you can also enjoy the big screen from the comfort of your car.

Adventure type: Whether your dog is a golden oldie or can’t handle too much exercise, swimming is a low impact sport perfect for keeping them active – especially if your dog suffers from joint pain. Keep them safe by putting a life vest on them or have a float handy. It’s also a great way to stay cool on hot days! For a lovely cool dip head to the crystal clear, tranquil waters of Hillarys Dog Beach in Perth. Other dog beaches include Mosman-Leighton and South City Beach.

(Hilarys Dog Beach)