From Fluffy to Fuzzball: Our Top Guinea Pig Names

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Are you or someone you know about to become a proud guinea pig owner? These furry little companions are great household pets that will entertain and keep you company. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to name your pet guinea pig, look no further! Our comprehensive list of guinea pig names will get your creative juices flowing to find the perfect name for your new pet.

Classic guinea pig names

  1. Cooper – For crafty and skilled guineas.
  2. Max – Derived from Maximilian, meaning “greatest.” A fitting name for your favourite pet.
  3. Winston – For the most regal family member.
  4. Benjamin – Can also be named Benny or Benji.
  5. Oliver – A gentle and nurturing companion that brings a sense of calm and serenity to your home.
  6. Sophie – For the guineas who explore their surroundings with intelligence and wisdom.
  7. Lily – For the cutest of guineas.
  8. Daisy – Perfect for the guinea pig who loves being outdoors. 
  9. Lucy – A radiant spirit that brightens the lives of others.
  10. Bella – Guineas that embody charm and enchant those around her.

Food and drink-related guinea pig names

  1. Cookie – For our favourite little snack fiend.
  2. Popcorn – Small in size and perfect company for a movie night.
  3. Sprinkle – A touch of sprinkles magically brings a smile to everyone’s face.
  4. Ginger – For the amber-coloured guineas.
  5. Peanut – A sweet and nutty bundle of joy.
  6. Bailey – After our favourite nightcap.
  7. Coco – Short for cocoa or coconut.
  8. Biscotti – A delightful treat of cuteness that brings a dash of sweetness to your life.
  9. Quinoa – Deceivably small but packs a punch.
  10. Salt – A seasoning staple, usually found with Pepper. Works best with two guinea pigs – Salt & Pepper!

Pop culture guinea pig names

  1. Bruce – Smart, unlike his alter ego, The Hulk, who’s known more for his brawns.
  2. Alice – From our forever favourite Wonderland stories.
  3. Loki – The God of Mischief, who’s usually always up to no good.
  4. Groot – “I am Groot”.
  5. Ringo – The legendary drummer for The Beatles.
  6. Katniss – Fearless, with a hint of rebellion. 
  7. Bilbo – Adventurer at heart with a taste for the unknown.
  8. Rocky – An underdog who defied the odds.
  9. Spock – For the guineas with a sense of rationality and curiosity.
  10. Sonic – A hedgehog with supersonic speed that has a talent for saving the world.

Nature-inspired guinea pig names

  1. Blossom – Dainty and graceful, with a charming personality that blossoms as she gets to know you.
  2. Snowflake – Perfect for guineas with a white coat that reminds you of freshly fallen snow.
  3. Pebbles – A tiny bundle of cuteness with a gentle demeanour.
  4. Twinkle – Exudes a radiant and magical presence with its sparkling personality.
  5. Nimbus – A fluffy little cloud of joy.
  6. Sunny – A ray of pure delight that brightens up any day.
  7. Stormy – Tempest of adorable energy that gusts through with excitement. 
  8. Zephyr – Gracefully glides through their surroundings in a calm and serene manner.
  9. Clover – A lucky charm of joy that brings you good luck.
  10. Astro – Always exploring and discovering new things with a cosmic sense of wonder.

Personality-based guinea pig names

  1. Twitch – For an active guinea that doesn’t stay still.
  2. Dash – Another cute name for a guinea that’s always on the run.
  3. Chippy – Short for “chipmunk”.
  4. Emperor– For the guinea, who is the boss of the house.
  5. Nibbles – Constantly nibbling on anything – furniture, food, you name it.
  6. Chomper – More destructive with their downtime activity.
  7. Bubbles – Cheerful and bubbly, with an infectious and playful nature.
  8. Blinky – Curious guineas with a mischievous twinkle in their eye.
  9. Fluffy – Small bundle of softness with a gentle demeanour.
  10. Teddy – Cuddly, warm and affectionate in nature.

Hopefully, this list of guinea pig names has helped you discover the perfect name for your furry companion. Whether you’ve been captivated by nature-inspired names, charmed by pop culture references or drawn to the classics, remember that the name you choose reflects the individuality and personality of your beloved guinea pig.