Think connection,
think community

Connection is at the core of all relationships: human to human, human to animal, animal to animal. Baxta is the platform for this connection, creating a safe community for pet people across the globe. We take an inclusive approach to diverse online communities and work hard to maintain a warm, caring and secure environment.

Nurture trust in yourself
and others

Whether we’re communicating with our community of pet people or within the Baxta team, trust is vital. It’s the thing that sustains a healthy community. Our actions always protect, maintain and encourage a sense of trust between all pets and humans within the Baxta network. We even have an in-house vet to ensure pet well-being comes first!

Innovation begins
with creativity

In order to build something unique and disruptive, you have to lean into your inner creative. From the inception of the Baxta idea to the ongoing platform developments, we let our imaginations take the first step, and the data take the second. Whether you’re a Baxta regular posting cute pet content or a team member in the company, we encourage creativity – always.

Be an ear,
lend a hand

At Baxta, we look to give back to human and animal communities wherever we can, to be an agent for universal change and social good. Our charity partners helped shape the purpose of our brand, placing the causes we care about at the core of everything we do. Helping others can be as small as finding time for a chat, or as large as leading a fundraiser.

Work like a team,
play like a pet

We work together to bring our PetTech dreams to life. As agile advocates, we value the power of teamwork to encourage communication and the flow of ideas – as well as bring the best out of every Baxta team member. Most importantly, we don’t want work to feel like work. Social petworking at Baxta is all about having fun!

Nothing less
than excellence

Excellence isn’t about perfection – it’s about constant iteration and effort towards improvement. At Baxta, everything is a work in progress, whether it’s the app functionality or the way we work together. We’d rather put quality ahead of other priorities and focus on bringing Baxsters the best possible experience.