Walk with Marley: Cremorne Point Circuit

Walk with Marley: Cremorne Point Circuit

This walk pulls out all of the stops – expect cityscapes, framed by blue waters and (hopefully blue) skies, as you make your way through this urban paradise – aka Cremorne Point Walk.

It’s a fairly easy 3km, taking a leisurely 1.5hours-ish (depending on your pace). Your pooch has to be kept on a lead as you make your way through this lower north shore trail. As you pass through, the views really are something – overlooking Sydney Harbour bridge, as you pass through Mosman Bay and Sydney’s CBD stands tall in the distance.

You’ll be starting at Cremorne Point Wharf – so why not make it a little adventure and get a ferry over from Circular Quay? You can take your dog on the ferry, but you need to get permission from the crew. Otherwise you can go on a bus, or drive there quite easily.

Cremorne Reserve

Things to look out for on this walk:

Cremorne Reserve: this is a little nature park of its very own, with rocks, bushland, and more. Your pet will love sniffing around all the greenery which stands proudly on each side of the path.

Sophie’s Lookout: take in the sweeping views of the harbour whilst enjoying a coffee from ‘Sophie’s Place’ cafe. Named after Sophie, who has run the cafe for years, you can also buy a ready-made picnic from here. Choose from sandwiches, baked goods, and more. You might want to bring your dog’s own treats with you, so they don’t get jealous!

Robertsons Point Lookout

Robertsons Point Lighthouse: who doesn’t love a lighthouse? Whilst you can’t go inside, it’s great for photo opps and looks super pretty against the blue backdrop of the water. This lighthouse is quite old, built in 1909 and is siblings with Bradley’s Head lighthouse – bearing the same structure and formation).

Mosman Bay: situated near Mosman Wharf this is perfect for a picnic spot! Enjoy white little boats bobbing about on the water, with the city as a beautiful backdrop. The hidden gardens, Gatsby-like mansions and epic views, really make this a gorgeous part of the walk

MacCallum Pool:if you fancy a quick dip and love a pool with a view – then this is one stop you’ll want to make. With a backdrop of the Harbour bridge, you may feel like you’re in a movie.

This circular walk will take you right back to where you started at the ferry point – so you can hop right back on, for a stunning ride back to the city!

Overall, this is a pretty walk and a great one to take visitors on, or as a short morning stroll. Your dog is definitely going to love it too and will most likely make many new friends on the way.

Sophie’s Place Cafe

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