What To Do When Your Pet Goes Missing

What To Do When Your Pet Goes Missing

One of the main reasons we started Baxta was to create a platform that helps reunite owners with their lost pets. As a start, we’ve put together steps to follow in the unfortunate event that your beloved animal companion is missing.

Put all commitments on hold and get searching

Your everyday tasks aren’t as important as your animal’s safety. Ask relatives or friends to look after your kids. Take time off work. Postpone your wedding if you have to! Do whatever it takes to make time to search for your full-time friend.

While you’re on the hunt, try to remember that your pet is likely to be afraid, which means they’re likely to be hiding and tucked out of sight. Check inside and under objects, cars and drains.

Stay glued to your phone

It’s vitally important that the number you’re about to post everywhere is reliably answered. As a precautionary measure, you could even try changing your voicemail message to ensure people know they’ve reached the right person, and have a secondary way to get in contact.

Register your lost pet on Baxta’s Lost & Found

The Baxta app is built for this. It is designed to contact your neighbours or those around you to notify them that your animal companion is missing. It also gives anyone who has found missing pets, a platform to locate their owners.

Make copies of the clearest photo you can find of your animal

Head to a store where you can print photos from your phone, print a photo off your computer or use a copy machine if you have to. Make sure the picture is in colour, accurate, and clear. Ask shelters to save the photo wherever they keep pictures of lost animals and post it on their bulletin board.

Post on social media

Do a public post on social media and ask friends and family to share the post. You never know who might see. Include details like when they were last seen and where, and any distinguishing colours or markings.

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